Madrid – Thank you stranger!


After a bumpy flight and an awkward sleep in the airplane, I landed in Madrid, the start point of my South American journey. I was happy to meet on the plane to owners of The French Bakery and Bruno’s and chat a bit, before the plane touch downed.

Madrid’s airport is very well connected to the city, by metro, so it took me less than an hour to arrive at Estrecho, where Fabrice was waiting for me. Fabrice is French but he lives in Madrid (when he’s not traveling in Africa). He was kind enough to offer me his couch for the night and also a delicious dinner that he cooked himself. I’m sorry we couldn’t chat some more but it was already passed midnight and I was a bit tired after the flight.

The morning started with a great coffee and breakfast made by Fabrice. After that I rushed to the metro to get to Sol, for the beginning of my first ever free walking tour. I ended up doing with Sandemans and I don’t regret it. Eduardo was a great guide that spoke perfect English and was very funny.  He took us from Piazza Mayor to the suicidal bridge, from the big cathedral to the royal palace and from the opera house to the old city hall. At the tour I’ve met Emma, an Australian traveling for 2 months around Europe and USA. She was really nice and talkative and we bonded from the first moment we met. It was a great start of the day.

Later, I met Daniele, another Couchsurfer (Italian living in Madrid to finish his studies) that offered to show me around. We went to the big park from Madrid where we ate pizza made by him in the morning. Then he helped me find a Chinese place that was selling travel adaptors. Peru has another plug system and of course that I forgot my own adapter at home…

This morning, while in the metro, when a woman was singing some old Spanish love song, it hit me… that feeling that I only have when I’m away, when I’m traveling, when I’m actually doing nothing but I’m away from home… far away from home. Like this is what I am living for and I could do this forever.

Now I’m at the airport, finished the check in and security procedures and I’m waiting for the gate to open. I’m nervous but not that nervous to take the magic pill… yet! I smiled all the way from the check in desk to here. I think I still have it on my face. Doesn’t go away…. I’m going to Peru! Peru, my dream destination! My adventure!

See you from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean!


PS: Something strange happened. I had a bracelet with the Colombian flag, a gift from Alina. It was very well tight around my hand. I just found it in my backpack…  It must have dropped and someone took it and put it in my backpack while i had it on my back. And I felt nothing! And I can’t identify the moment when I lost it…

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