Madrid – Sao Paolo: Crossing the Atlantic

I boarded the plane among the last people because I was group E. I guess this group is the one that managed to get the cheapest ticket and for that they will board last in the plane. The guy that checked my passport and ticket was the same guy that was trying to guide me in a terrible English, when I arrived at the check in. I told him that it’s ok, he can speak in Spanish because I understand him. Now, he looked at me, smiled, and said “tu me comprendes, eu te comprendo”. J So I boarded the plane smiling.

The plane was huge, an Airbus 330 named “The magic red carpet”. The configuration was 2 – 4 – 2 and I had a seat at the aisle, on the right side. On my seat there was a blanket and pillow waiting for me and after I sat down a flight attendant brought me an eco Tam comfort bag with a tooth brush, tooth paste, a small towel, a pen and a comb. Perfect for the morning. Before the flight left, I also got a hot towel to clean my hands before dinner. At dinner we had to choose between chicken filet and pasta. I chose the chicken and I got a nice filet with a brown sweet sauce, fresh carrots and rice with green vegetables (which tasted very interested). There was also a vegetables salad as a side, bread and butter and as dessert a delicious coconut and lime moose with a bottom of nuts soaked in syrup.  I ate that before dinner. J Tooo good.

After that I’ve put the headphones on, turned on a movie and fall asleep until one hour before landing in Sao Paolo when breakfast was served.  I slept like a baby even if there were some turbulence after we crossed the Atlantic and got into the South American space. I am not looking forward for the Lima – Cuzco flight if on a jumbo jet I could feel the turbulences so hard. The good thing is that for this next flight, from Sao Paolo to Lima, I won’t take the magic pill. See what will happen…

For breakfast I had a nice tomatoes, mozzarella and basil wrap, with bread and butter and fresh fruits for dessert. And after that the plane landed.

The descent over Sao Paolo was like a dream. The plane was flying right above the fluffy clouds illuminated by the city lights below, getting me the impression that if I just could raise my hand I would touch them.  White and yellow and red and greet… just like a rainbow. The plane took a turn and we were at the same level, seeing the clouds passing by the window. And after that… boom: Sao Paolo was at my feet, I could see the beautiful lights.  The landing was smooth and quick. It’s different with a jumbo jet.

Now I’m in Sao Paolo, preparing to board the next flight, to Lima. It’s going to be the same A330 jumbo and this time I’ll have a seat at the window.

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