Lima – and Lima airport

The flight from Sao Paolo to Lima was very bumpy. I slept half of the way, after I had the delicious breakfast they offered. I was planning to stay awake and see Lake Titicaca from above but I put on a movie and fall asleep. When I woke up the sun was shining and Peru was under me feet.  Everything was clear except when we got over Lima and prepared to descend. White clouds and a milky fog ware covering the city. I’ve read in my guide that it’s normal and all winter the city looks gray and sad. I still hope I’ll be able to learn to surf on my way back. We descended into the clouds, stay there for a few minutes and after that I could see the ocean really, really close, as the runaway is near it.

After I landed I met Joel at the airport, my host for the night. He lives close to the airport and we went to his home with the local bus… a minibus full with people that you have no idea where it goes to, with a guy yelling to you to get in. It barely stops to give you time to get on or off. It costs around 1 sole a trip. An awesome Peruvian experience!

My first Peruvian meal was rice with turkey (female turkey), in a bean mash, with tomato and onions. It was really, really good! After that I just slept until today. I didn’t realize that even if I sleep in the plane the jet lag will put me down. But at least it was only for half a day and a night and now I’m fresh, waiting to begin my adventure, to Cusco and Machu Picchu.

For breakfast this morning I had some kind of a pastry filled with chicken, eggs, onions and some other stuff that i couldn’t identify and a delicious cheese cake with maracuja.  Yum.

Now I am in the airport, watching the planes come and go and wait for my flight to Cusco.

Let me tell you something about the airport from Lima. Not one, not two, not three things that made me think that our dear airport is really good. First of all, there is a separate entrance to do the check in counters after which you have to go to domestic arrivals and climb the escalators to departures. The first thing that struck me was that at the check in the bags were taken manually to the baggage trucks. How did I noticed that? I guy took my backpack before the woman at the check in desk got a chance to put a label on it. I made sure he took it back and she labelled it. I wouldn’t want to lose my backpack on the way.

Second, you can buy whatever you want before passing through security. Meaning that a guy after me passed with a bottle of 0.5 ml of Fanta. The guys that check your hand bags are multifunctional. They also take care of the trays and come and greet you before your bag is scanned.

Third, the airport doesn’t announce the gates. Some women walk around and shout for late passengers for different flights.


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